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Every tool you need to accelerate your innovation efforts in one easy to use platform.

An end-to-end Innovation Platform

Improve Innovation Outcomes

With Cobalt’s suite of cutting-edge tools, you can out-innovate the competition and future-proof your brand — at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

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Introducing Signals: comprehensive, data-rich insights in an easy-to-read and report-ready format.

10x More Data

Signals offer premium insight and quantified market intelligence, leveraging data from a variety of sources. Signals are perfect for finding inspiration for your next brilliant idea, pulling data for market-sizing, identifying future customers & customer segmentation, building bulletproof go-to-market strategies, uncovering unseen & future competitors, and understanding unmet customer needs. And they’ll even do your laundry …. just kidding – ha! But that would be an amazing innovation, amiright?

Instant Reports

Look like a star with our downloadable charts and graphs. Quickly and easily build the slides you need that tell innovation stories and show off your amazing results. Signals are data-backed l, expert insights so you’ll be able to FINALLY have a seat at the innovation table and shine like the star you are.

Meet Projects: freelance, creative gigs for Designers and Engineers

Hire Experts On-demand

Get your innovation projects un-stuck by hiring expert designers and engineers for a fraction of the cost. Tap into Cobalt’s global community of the best designers and engineers to turbo charge your ideation and bring your ideas to life. No more waiting for support from R&D or internal fights over resources, work directly with the experts you need.

Seamless Collaboration

With Projects, you can collaborate with your own internal team or tap into our pool of on-demand designers and engineers from all over the world. Keep all files and communication organized in each Project.

Pre-sell concepts to test and validate demand in our Marketplace​

Fast and Risk-free

Introducing the Cobalt Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind discovery marketplace that combines crowdfunding with group-buying to allow brands to test new products by offering them for presale.

Prove the demand first

With the Marketplace, consumers can be the first to see and purchase products before they are available to the general public. In order for a product to move into production, the minimum threshold must be met, these thresholds are based on the Cobalt innovation calculator. Sharing socially will be encouraged to tap into and create viral hooks and loops.

Why an Innovation Platform for Marketers?

Our North Star

We exist to make Marketers the hero in the innovation story. As a team of marketers working in the innovation industry for the past decade, we know first-hand that there are few tools designed just for us and so we set out to create Cobalt just for you. Designed with love for marketers, by marketers. <3

More than just a job

Our Shared Responsibility

At Cobalt, we believe anyone can innovate and that innovation needs more voices. That’s where you come in. Join us, as we create a more inclusive future together.