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Ben B.

San Francisco, CA

A Better Spice Rack

Meet Ben. He loves to cook. He hates crusty, expired spices stored chaotically in a kitchen drawer. So he came to Cobalt to build a better spice rack.

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Steph S.

Mesa, AZ

A Better Sleep

Meet Steph; A PhD and serial inventor who knows the tedious and expensive process of obtaining patents all too well. When she heard about Cobalt, she created a Project that aimed to create better sleep.
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Online Shopping Made Easy


Atlanta, GA

A Better Spice Rack

Rekemo came to Cobalt to build her browser plugin that allows a person to shop across multiple sites using one global cart. You can sign up to learn more below!
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Niagra Falls, NY


Jenna's company Growcery, specializes in small-batch lettuce, herbs and flowers all grown indoors and she came to Cobalt to develop a customizable planter box.

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Phoenix, AZ

Phat Scooter

Pete, owns a small business and wanted to expand his product offering. In weeks, he had CAD files for a hitch trailer that his customers could add onto their scooter.
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Atlanta, GA

Nug + Tater

Candice created the Nug Lug; The TECH FREE Modern Entertainment Travel System To Captivate Your Child's Imagination and Creativity.
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