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Everything your business needs when it comes to developing the ideas that will grow your business and drive top-line revenue.

All-in-one Idea Development

Cobalt’s simple, easy and intuitive software uses technology to seamlessly guide you through the idea development process getting you from idea to real-life product in as little as a 30-days.
Cobalt - Ideate

Idea Development

Understand every aspect of your idea with our simple, step-by-step guide.

Cobalt - Ideate

Business Planning

Write a business plan, create financial projections, research your target market and find out what’s required to set up your business.

Cobalt - Develop

Digital Prototypes

Bring your idea to life with a Digital Prototype. Hire an expert to take the idea out of your head and onto “paper” with a Digital Prototype.

Cobalt - Develop


Showcase your idea to potential customers and get their feedback before investing time and money.

Cobalt - MVP


Find and hire the exact right engineers, manufacturer, developers and other experts needed to develop your idea.

Cobalt - MVP


Find and hire website developers, marketers, designers, packaging experts, and everyone else you need to launch your business!

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Energy Usage App | Mexico City

Energy Usage App

An energy company in Mexico City came to Cobalt to create an app that its users could use to monitor their energy usage. In just days, they had a working prototype or what they call "MVP" in the 'biz'.


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