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Who are Cobalt Experts?

Like you, Cobalt Experts are highly skilled, like-minded folks from all over the world who want to get paid to develop ideas into real businesses.
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Why apply to be part of Cobalt's Expert Community?

Once accepted into the Cobalt Expert Community, our tech matches you to paid gigs helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and even Fortune 100 companies develop ideas into real businesses. 

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What's in it for you?

With Cobalt, you’re in control. You decide what to work on, when you work and set your hourly billing rate. Sounds like the perfect job, right? We think so too.
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Where creative freelancers do work that matters

Cobalt Experts earn more than five(rr) bucks for (up)work completed.  


The work opportunities provided to our Experts allow any one with a brilliant idea the chance to bring them to life. Being a part of the Cobalt Expert Community means being a part of the greater good. 



It’s simple; be a good human. Our community of Experts are held to a high standard when it comes to creating a space where constructive collaboration happens. 


Cobalt Experts get seamlessly matched with paid assignments that best fit their skills, expertise and interests. All we want in return is that Experts do their best work possible. 

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