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Step 1: Visualize

Cobalt guides you with step-by-step instructions on how to plan and develop your idea, build a business model, create financial projections, and get expert insights and feedback on your brilliant idea.

Cobalt - MVP

Step 2: Validate

Bring your idea to life with a Digital Prototype, a visualization of your idea that goes beyond design to help you understand engineering, manufacturing, and even marketing of your idea. Then access Cobalt’s proprietary validation tools and get feedback and insights from real customers.

Cobalt - Launch

Step 3: Develop

Now it’s time to get it made. Cobalt’s software seamlessly matches you to manufacturers, developers, engineers and others who can help you bring your idea to life to bring your idea to market all while handling the privacy policies, work agreements and payment process. Hiring made easy!

Cobalt - Launch

Step 4: Launch

Congratulations! With Cobalt, you can find and hire website developers, marketers, designers, packaging experts, and everyone else you need to launch your idea – let us handle the boring paperwork like work agreements and payment process so you can celebrate your success!

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