Published: August 26, 2020



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Project Augmented Beauty: A mirror and app utilizing augmented reality (AR) and facial recognition technologies to digitally map your favorite makeup artists’ looks onto your own face for a DIY, professional application at home. 

The Problem

Not everyone is good at doing makeup or can afford professional makeup application, but everyone deserves to feel and look their best.

Especially in a post-covid world where this kind of service is hard to do while practicing social distancing and mask mandates. Augmented Beauty offers the perfect solution in safe, professional makeup application. 

The Opportunity

1. Simple: Users can choose from built-in free templates or pay for premium use of higher tier makeup artists from around the world. 

2. DIY: A user simply selects the look they want and the mapping/AR technology will perfectly fit the template to their face 

3. Game-changing: Imagine becoming a professional makeup artist with the touch of a button? And  as a professional makeup artist/blogger imagine being able to turn all your iconic looks into a revenue stream? 

The time for flawless makeup application is now and it comes by way of Augmented Reality (AR) and facial recognition technology. This technology will be the perfect thing in creating a mirror that allows for makeup application templates that are mapped onto the face for DIY, professional makeup looks at home.

An app that pairs with the mirror is necessary so that the user can select what look they are going for and using augmented reality and facial recognition the mirror will perfectly display a “paint by numbers” template onto the users face. 

Now Hiring : Product Designers

This Project is looking to hire three (3) product designers to create one (1) concept each – limit one (1) concept per designer.

Budget : $500 USD per concept design; limit one (1) concept per designer


Project Timeline & Details:

By Bidding on this work, you agree to deliver one (1) Concept Design with one (1) round of revisions for $500 USD. 

Project Timeline:

– JOIN PROJECT & DISCUSSION: Aug. 26 – Sept. 9
During this phase, designer will join the Project and begin discussing the overall concept with the Project Owner  

Three (3) designers will be awarded the freelance gig and will be notified via email on Sept. 9

– First Review: Sept. 15
First review of concepts are due by Sept. 15. 

– Feedback Period: Sept. 15 – 18 
Feedback provided back to each designer Sept. 18.  

– Final Deadline: 
Final Design Concepts must be submitted by Sept. 21. 

– Payment: Sept. 21
All payments for work will be paid within 24-hours of receiving final Design Concepts.

By Bidding on this work, you agree to the following terms:
– Unlock Project Brief, under NDA with owner.
– $500 for one (1) Concept Design with one (1) round of revisions


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