How Cobalt Works: User Study

Jul 12, 2021 | Marketplace

Meet Alex, a sous chef who loves his uncluttered kitchen drawer. 

Disgusted at the sight of a hodgepodge of expired spices stored chaotically in his drawer, he comes up with the idea of building a beautiful, stylish, and portable spice rack that would be used to deliver farm-to-table spices at the customer’s doorstep.

Step 1: With this product, Alex wants to solve two problems at once. One, getting rid of a disorganized spice rack. Second, eliminating the problem of stale spices. 

Alex has an incredible idea but doesn’t know how to realize it into a final product. So, he approaches Cobalt, a software that guides you through the new idea development process. 

During this stage, Cobalt helps Alex:

  • Describe his idea (Both conceptually and visually)
  • Identify potential roadblocks
  • Get Expert feedback
  • Develop a digital prototype
  • Conduct market research
  • Validate his idea with real customer feedback

Step 2: By this time, Alex is equipped with a business plan and vision. Cobalt’s validation tools help him build a prototype. That enables him to develop his ideas further, test the prototype with his target customers, and find product-market fit.  

Step 3: Armed with a digital prototype, Cobalt helps Alex build a financial model. This allows him to not only make something amazing, but to make some money along the way! And now, the time to build a better spice rack has finally arrived! 

Expansion: New idea development process necessitates following a bunch of protocols and procedures. Cobalt greatly simplifies the prototype-to-product journey for Alex and within 7 weeks, his newly enhanced spice rack is ready for launch!