How Do I Know If My Idea Is Already Patented?

Jul 29, 2021 | Idea Development

idea development
The magical process behind idea development. For centuries, philosophers, psychologists, and professionals have sought the secret source — the muse — of brilliant ideas.

And while the realm of creative ideas is still to this day a mystery, there are processes and frameworks which help you have great ideas. A step-by-step approach can help brilliant ideas become more tangible, and even a daily occurrence in your life.

Also, you need a plan to make sure your ideas become actual products in real life. Great ideas are of no use solely in your mind, you need to present them to the world.

So, discover below how to develop a business idea in 3 steps: how to conjure great ideas, plan them, and execute them as a marketable product with an impact on your audience.

#1 Preparation and idea generation

The first step is when you start brainstorming. Make room in your mind for connections, think up concepts, or simply have whacky thoughts.

This is the step in which you should conduct research for inspiration, gain knowledge on the topic, interact with friends, and even go for a walk.

You can think of the first step as preparing the soil for the growth of new ideas. Instead of trying to grow a fully complete idea from scratch, feel free to let anything pop up from the blue.

It’s important to have a notepad ready to jot down these ideas because you might forget them.

Tips for this first stage:

  • Do a brainstorming session and put down on paper every single thing that pops up in your mind. If you prefer, you can also do an audio recording
  • Read sources on the market/ niche of your product. Even if you have a very vague idea still (such as “I want to create a new dog collar”), you will get inspiration from reading and getting informed
  • Don’t discard any ideas as bad in this step. Now’s the moment to shut down your critical brain and let the creative side shine

#2 Planning of your idea

This initial step of musing can take a while — each person has their own creative process and you should respect yours.

But at one moment, you’ll have that magical insight, the famous eureka moment! When you have it you’ll simply know it’s a good idea and write it down immediately.

Then, it’s time to put the idea into action. This is when you develop the business plan, think of your target audience, look for flaws in the idea to correct, and finally start to craft an executable idea (the next step).

Tips for this second stage:

  • If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, go camping, visit a park or head to the beach. Many creatives have their eureka moment when in nature
  • Don’t rush this step. Great ideas take time to be formulated
  • Talk with friends and family about your ideas. Insights from people you trust help you reach that famous “eureka” moment

#3 Development and launch of your idea

After you’ve created your business plan, it’s time for the actual business idea development. The development process depends on what kind of idea you wish to bring into real life.

If for example, you wish to develop a smartphone app, you’ll need designers and developers to create a working prototype. If it’s an ebook, you’ll need to write the first draft and send it to an editor.

This step is when you’ll create a prototype and have it evaluated by industry experts. A pitch day, for example, is a great way to get feedback if you have the chance to participate in one.

Once you’ve sent your prototype and received feedback, it’s time to do the final touches to your product and if possible, have it evaluated once more.

When your product receives all-around praise and has fixed its major flaws, it’s time to launch it! This is a whole step in itself, which needs the help of marketers to make sure your product reaches your target audience.

Once it’s launched, it’s time to reap the benefits of creating something for the world to enjoy! Congratulations, you’re now a successful creator.

Tips for this third stage:

  • Use idea development software that will help organize your ideas into an executable plan with deadlines
  • Get in touch with experts for advice on your prototype. Now’s the time to identify any errors before launch
  • Conduct tests with your target audience. They are who will use your product after all

Execute these 3 steps with the help of Idea Development Software

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