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Go beyond the brand partnerships grow a business that turns your followers into customers. It’s simple; design, make, sell and scale. See how the platform works with one of many of our Creators turned Founders. 

Meet Jenna

Founder of Growcery

See how Jenna used Cobalt to develop a product that sold out in the first 24 hours.
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Jenna's Story

It all started when Jenna tried to grow carrots in her parents front landscaping at the age of eight. Years later, she founded Growcery, a company for small-batch lettuce, herbs and flowers freshly grown indoors in Niagara Falls, NYC.

Validate a New Idea Development Process

Designing the Product

Jenna used Cobalt to hire a designer, who brought her vision to life ​​for a custom planter to house her direct to consumer, small-batch, fresh lettuces. 

Develop a New Idea Development Process

Making the Product

Once Jenna had a design she loved, she ordered custom prototypes and made a couple edits here or there until it was perfect then sourced ethical, small-run manufacturers to get it produced.  

 Friends Enjoying a New Idea Development Process

Selling the Products

Jenna launched her collection of Growcery’s ‘Pretty Little Plantrs’ on Instagram, which sold out in the first 24-hours. 

 Friends Enjoying a New Idea Development Process

Scaling the Business

And just like that, Jenna became a Founder of a best-selling product!

People Enjoying a New Idea Development Process

Stop making ads. Start developing products. 

Cobalt was made for the Creator Community. You have the brilliant ideas and know what products your followers are looking for. Instead of waiting for a company to pay you for a #ad, develop the products yourself and go from being a brand to a business.