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Idea development made easy

Meet Cobalt, the Idea Development software that makes developing ideas into real products as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Our simple, 4-step Idea Development guided process was designed to help anyone go from idea to business in as little as 45 days.

Step 1: Visualize

In Step 1, Cobalt guides you through how to plan and develop your idea and visualize by creating a digital prototype. More than just a pretty face, your Digital Prototyping goes beyond design to help you understand engineering, manufacturing, and even marketing of your idea. You will be able to virtually explore your idea before it’s completed, helping you determine how to make your idea a success. This allows you to understand every aspect of your idea so nothing comes back to bite you later.

Step 2: Validate

Business model – check! Digital Prototype – done! Expert insights – complete! Now it’s time to show potential customers. Once you have a Digital Prototype, show it to real customers using Cobalt’s proprietary validation tools, where you can get feedback and insights from real customers. With Cobalt, you won’t miss any important details and your idea gets better and better all while keeping it protected.

Step 3: Develop

You have a business plan. You have a digital prototype and you’ve shown it to real customers who will buy your product. Now it’s time to get it made. With Cobalt, you can find and hire manufacturers, developers, engineers and others who will bring your idea to life.

Step 4: Launch

Congratulations – you are ready to launch your idea! In Step 4, you will find and hire website developers, marketers, designers, packaging experts, and everyone else you need to launch your idea
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