Innovation Platform


63 pounds of plastic per person ends up in a landfill every year. Let’s change that. 

We’re awarding up to $100,000 USD in Cobalt Credits to bring innovative solutions in consumer packaging to market. 

We all use single-use items. From grocery bags and our daily coffee cup to water bottles and paper towels. Up until this year, dependency on these items were on the decline and now with the pandemic – their use is at an all-time high. We know you have the brilliant ideas that can help solve this so we want to hear them. 

Let’s turn your idea into a business that changes the consumer packaging world forever. 

Submit your idea below! 


Submit your idea via the form below by 5 p.m. PST on Wednesday, December 23, 2020. Cobalt will award up to 50 ideas with up to $2,000 per idea in Cobalt Credits to apply towards a Digital Prototype to develop your submitted idea. You may submit more than one (1) idea.

Cobalt Credits are for use in building the digital prototype of your idea bringing them one-step closer to reality. Credits can be used on Cobalt platform only.

This is not a Challenge or a Contest. This is a Call for Ideas.

We are not looking for silver bullet solutions to today’s consumer packaging problems. Why? Because we think there is no one solution to fix all the problems. Instead, the goal of this Call for Ideas is to spur the development of many ideas to help accelerate the next generation of how we package our goods.

*Recipients will be notified Monday, December 30th.