Cobalt Marketplace:

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Test & Pre-Sell Concepts

The Marketplace is where brands can test and pre-sell concepts with real customers. Prove the market and validate your assumptions with a pre-sale campaign in our Marketplace, where concepts are offered for a limited time thus creating an incentive to buy. Even better, concepts that meet your minimum requirements can then transition to your existing production pipeline – reducing go-to-market risk and annoying meetings.


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Real Feedback

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The Cobalt Marketplace is a pre sales marketplace which allows you to put your products in front of potential customers before spending months on branding and marketing strategies. Pre sales are offered for a limited-time only, creating a time-based incentive to buy. Even better, products are only unlocked if pre-set minimums are met within the defined time frame. Use the Cobalt Marketplace to test demand, refine feature sets, test price points, and define target audiences.

The Cobalt Marketing is a pre-sales marketplace, mitigating product launch failures by only producing products and services that your customers actually want. Gain true consumer preference validation by way of (enterprise) crowdfunding.

Power to the pre-order! Better than market research and data alone, the Cobalt Marketplace validates assumptions around the future customers who pre-order products as well as the value-driving features of each product. For the first time, brands can truly understand who wants the product (and why) before it even gets to market.

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