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Jun 23, 2020 | Innovation, Signals

Welcome to the new GQ, or Generation Queer – representing the LGBTQIA community as a whole, including its allies. June is Pride Month and before COVID-19, that meant four weeks of colorful community events, parades, and other festivities.

While in-person gatherings may be #canceled, pride is most certainly not. But we are not a glass half-empty kinda crew so we are looking at Pride Month in a new way. And if there is anything that this crazy year has taught us, it’s that we need to do more listening and learning about this emerging market that boasts an  immense buying power – $3.7T to be exact. So we’re gonna do that this week.

But first, a brief peek at the history of the movement and our best bets on what’s next.

TL;DR: Happy Pride Month!


Summer of Love or Summer of Activism?

Ahh the ‘60’s. The decade that gave us so much. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. The Rolling Stone published its first magazine in 1967 and the Summer of Love phenomenon took place where hippies claimed their stay for the long haul. In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The average cost of a home around this time was a mere $15,000 – which just so happens to be the average month’s rent in NYC (kidding, kind of). And then 1969 happened – Woodstock, Apollo 11 makes it to the moon, Sesame Street makes its debut and a new civil unrest erupts. A.k.a. – 1969 could give 2020 a run for its money.

More on the civil unrest, nearly 51 years ago on June 28, 1969 NYPD rated the Stonewall Inn. At the time, being gay was basically a crime – ridiculous, right? Anyway, because it was ridiculous patrons decided that they weren’t going to comply. They fought back. And for days, riots and protests ensued. Though the Stonewall uprising didn’t start the gay rights movement, it was a galvanizing force for LGBT political activism, leading to numerous gay rights organizations, including the Gay Liberation Front, Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD (formerly Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and PFLAG (formerly Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).


Homophobic VPs & Supreme Court Cases

There have been many historic wins for the LGBT+ movement in recent years and sadly, some losses. In 2015 the Supreme Court overturned the bans on gay marriage, making love an opportunity for all. And then the very next year, We, the People, elected a Vice President that openly supported gay conversion therapy. But all hope is not lost. Recently, the Supreme Court made workplace discrimination against Transgender people illegal and we’ll call that a giant leap forward.

The Future

More voices, more equality, less hate

At Cobalt, we believe in using data to better understand and predict what’s next. But we also believe in listening to many voices. So this week, we are going to highlight some of those shaping the future of the LGBTQIA world so together, we can create a more inclusive future.

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WATCH: Movies and documentaries


DO: Donate, Volunteer, Advocate to these organizations


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