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Ben B. | San Francisco, CA

Meet Ben. He loves to cook. He hates crusty, expired spices stored chaotically in a kitchen drawer. So he came to Cobalt to build a better spice rack. 

Innovation happens fast at Cobalt

Cobalt Project Timeline

Team work makes the dream work

From collaborative Zoom calls to discussions and file-sharing inside the Cobalt platform, Ben was able to collaborate with talented professionals from around the world to bring his idea to life in just 7 weeks.

Meet the Innovator

Ben imagined a better spice rack with fresh spices delivered directly to his doorstep. He wanted to create this product but didn’t know where to start. So he started on Cobalt and within weeks he had a business plan, digital prototype, MVP (minimum viable product), a real prototype, branding, logo, name, landing page. He went from idea to launch in 6 weeks.

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