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Steph S. | Phoenix, AZ

Meet Steph; A PhD and serial inventor who knows the tedious and expensive process of obtaining patents all too well. When she heard about Cobalt, she created a Project that aimed to create better sleep.

Innovation happens fast at Cobalt

Cobalt Project Timeline

Team work makes

the dream work

From collaborative Zoom calls to sending the prototype for testing with different users, Steph was able to collaborate with talented professionals from around the world to bring her idea to life in just a few months.

Meet the Innovator

Stephanie Schull, PhD, is an academic researcher-turned-inventor-and-entrepreneur. She founded Matter|Mission with a focus on creating things that should have always existed. She invented her first product in response to her mother’s debilitating health problems that had been created by traditional approaches to pelvic floor issues. Her research helped her identify a blindspot in what the marketplace was offering the public, and she continues to use the same method of research to discover other disruptive inventions. She is on a mission to make things that matter by reimagining a health and wellness experience that’s simple, natural and radically effective.

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