Our Team

Working together for over 10 years in product innovation .

The Cobalt Team

Highly experienced team working together for over 10 years in product innovation for some of the world’s largest companies, now building the tools to help anyone with an idea turn it into a business the same way as the largest companies in the world.

Elle Shelley

CEO + Founder

Founder & CEO Elle Shelley knows idea development. Over the last decade, she has designed and launched products, services, environments, and digital experiences for organizations seeking new ways to provide value to their customers.

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Taylor Marrs

Taylor Marrs

Head of Marketing + Community

As part of the founding Cobalt team, Tay Marrs focuses on growing the brand and community. She brings nearly a decade of experience working in idea development and with startups.
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Head of Engineering

Tristan Zimmerman

Head of Engineering

As part of the founding Cobalt team, Tristan Zimmerman is responsible for the vision, management and development of the Cobalt software.
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Cobalt is backed by world-class advisors, investors, and partners.

Ben Black

Ramon Amezcua

Chris Flink

Mike Dinsdale

Ken Lawson

Brit Morin

About Cobalt

Cobalt offers idea development tools, including software and an expert marketplace, for entrepreneurs plus small and medium sized businesses to dramatically reduce the time and cost of turning ideas into real businesses.

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